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PCB Reverse Engineering

IC reverse analysis and reverse design

 IC reverse analysis and reverse design
At present, due to the domestic research in the field of analog integrated circuit design is relatively weak, chip reverse analysis has become the majority of analog integrated circuit engineers based on the actual simulation circuit to accumulate experience in an effective way, IC reverse design has become the promotion of domestic integrated circuit design and effective means.
In the IC reverse analysis and design services, the core technology to provide the following services:
Use the FBI to modify the IC line
The physical modification of the chip circuit with FIB allows the chip designer to test the chip problem for faster and more accurate verification of the design. If there is a problem with the chip area, it can be isolated or corrected by the FIB This area features in order to find the crux of the problem.FIB also in the final product production before the provision of some samples and engineering films, the use of these samples can speed up the end product time to market.Using FIB to modify the chip can reduce the number of unsuccessful design changes , Shorten the development time and cycle. For the chip to decrypt the customer, you can modify the line to achieve the effect of decryption.
On the microcontroller, CPLD, FPGA and other reverse and security analysis
On the microcontroller and CPLD and FPGA chips such as analysis and testing, reverse code extraction and security vulnerabilities test analysis.
IC cross section analysis
With FIB in the IC chip specific location for the cross-section fault, the cross-section of the material structure and material, fixed-point analysis of chip structure defects. This can help IC designers to IC design performance analysis.
Analysis of netlist / circuit diagram extraction and logic function
In the chip reverse engineering, netlist / circuit diagram extraction is very important work. Netlist extraction quality and speed directly affect the rear finishing, simulation and LVS and other aspects of the work. Century core in the long-term technical research has been successfully summed up a set of practical norms and methods, high-quality high-speed extraction of various types of circuit netlist.
Logical function analysis
After the end of the netlist extraction, often need to carry out the finishing work of the circuit, a flat circuit to sort out the formation of a circuit of the hierarchical structure in order to understand the designer's design ideas and techniques, but also to find the netlist Wrong purpose. Century core through the circuit of the various levels of the module finishing and analysis, not only can fully understand the chip designer's design ideas and design skills, but also in the analysis and summary of advanced design ideas based on the realization of their own design capabilities.
Layout design
Layout design is the physical realization of circuit logic, is the realization of integrated circuit products. Century core in the reverse design on the basis of the layout of the extraction, process library replacement, the target process changes, DRC inspection and LVS calibration and other design services.


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