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Chip decryption service

 Chip decryption service
    Our chip decryption services mainly include MCU decryption, specialized IC decryption, PLD decryption, CPLD decryption, MCU development, embedded system's soft hardware development, chip design, soft hardware system design, software decryption, etc so as to get back missing MCU data for electronic companies or provide technical support for learning advanced MCU design ideas. We adhere to professional and dedicated service spirit, take market demand as orientation, take customers' requirements as our responsibility and regard every customer as our partner. Relying on advanced technologies, excellent teams and modern management, we try our best to provide customers with latest market information and the best service, establishing win-win relationship with customers.
    Reverse technology research center of RayMing has many senior soft hardware engineers and reverse research engineers. Depending on its own technology advantages and economic strength, the research institution has imported and developed numerous specialized and precise analysis & test equipments as well as software cipher algorithm system which analyzes and studies functions of chips and equipments. We have rich working experience in many famous research institutions, such as Motorola Lab, Reverse Research Center of CAS, Hitachi China Research Center, Bell Lab and Microsoftware Research Institution. We're focusing on encrypted chip function design and software algorithm research, system software development, chip bottom driver design, such as des encryption, symmetric encryption, md5 encryption. Hence, we have accumulated rich experience in MCU/CPLD/SPLD/PLD decryption fields; meanwhile we're noticing the latest development of information technology at home and abroad, technology research of new products and construction of comprehensive scientific development management system. Currently, Godson is China's most professional and influential reverse research lab of IC & software decryption.
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